Using the Triple Threat Position in Business

Growing up I played different sports but the ONLY organized sport I played was basketball. I wish I did play other sports but I loved the game of basketball.

I had the opportunity one summer to do what I would probably argue was my most enjoyable experiences as a kid–go to the Coach Wooten Basketball Camp. I stayed on Campus at Frostburg State University and learned so much on basketball fundamentals and was surprisingly (to myself more than anyone) selected by my teammates to be on the All-Star Team.

It was my most cherished memory as a kid. It also would essentially be the last time that I played basketball to that degree. I had pneumonia the next year and couldn’t really try out but played for JV that next year but ended up quitting the team after disagreeing with my coach.

However, one of the lessons that I remember more than anything else was getting in Triple Threat position. It’s literally when you have 3 options as a dribbler. It’s the most lethal position that you can be in because the defender doesn’t know if you are going to dribble, pass or shoot.

According to Coach Brian Schofield, he said this:

For those that aren’t familiar with what the triple threat position is, it is when a player is ready to drive, pass or shoot the ball. It’s important because when players use it each time they catch the ball, they make the defense work harder and they proactively create scoring opportunities. When they are in the triple threat position they are immediately ready to attack whatever defensive strategy is being used on them. It allows you to be proactive on offense rather than reactive.

The reason that I bring this up is because it is one of the essential tasks to be successful in basketball but I’ve also learned that in life and business.

While you always want to be stretching yourself out of your comfort zone, it’s important to get in a position of power or strength once that is identified. Once you establish that, your “Triple Threat Position” that’s where everything comes from. I hear it regularly on shows like Shark Tank where the Shark say things like–I wouldn’t be able to help you because I’m not passionate about it or I don’t know that industry.

I mentioned this year my goal was to not add anything new that I hadn’t already worked on or kicked the tires on. My goal was to “Put on my Oxygen Mask” and to strengthen my Triple Threat Position. Once I do this, I knew that I would be able to “dribble, pass and shoot” more efficiently and effectively and be prepared for whatever “defense” was being played or the present state of the economy.

The essential part was to get better, stronger and more comfortable in the triple threat position before I thought about other services or projects, etc. Blue 16 Media is the foundation and just like in the YAMC course, it’s all about getting your foundation in place.

My Triple Threat – Blue 16 Media (Web Design & Support)

    1. Dribble: SEO + other digital marketing solutions
    2. Pass: CBNation
    3. Shoot: VA services, volunteering, board, etc…

More About the Triple Threat Position

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