The Game Has Changed, Now Will You?

I’ve been listening to sermons the last few days to start out my day as a way to meditate. I came across a two part sermon from TD Jakes. He mentioned lots of valuable insight including a lot of frustration come from making an investment in something (or someone). Many times we become frustrated because of the expectations we have. I was feeling some frustration and realized that part of my frustration was because I was “going to the well” again. Not remembering that the “well” may not be full anymore.

Many times in life the game changes, last year was one of those years. The pandemic changed just about everything. I remember listening to a motivational video that reminded me of the best thing I could do was to take action—any action because there’s “no refunds.” So that’s what I did. My action was to go back to what I knew and make a bet that it would change. And at the worst I expected my investments to provide some returns. It hasn’t happened as I have expected. I believe this is because the game has changed and my expectations haven’t necessarily. I was wrong and that’s okay.

In business and in life, we make assumptions and bets. Sometimes they turn our how we expect them to but not always. This is where we must recognize the errors in our ways and adjust.

I’m at this point now but I appreciate the lesson because it wasn’t clear to me. Now I know that frustration is a reminder that I need to change. And this is what I will do.

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