Chasing the Lion

2018 is here and even though I got a jump start on the year, it’s still officially time to Chase the Lion. As I mentioned on IG, New years in my eyes are not about resolutions but small changes to make incremental changes to my life. In short Chasing the Lion is about increasing my goals tenfold but staying true to the concepts that I learned a few years ago when I read “The One Thing.” 2017 was a good year, so I’m not looking to make wholesale changes. I’m merely looking to make small changes (micro-hacks) to make a bigger impact. It’s getting back to the things I did to win the day and that was winning the morning and vibrating high in the morning–everyday.

My formula to win the day:

  1. Thank HIM
  2. Write/Work Out
  3. Clean
  4. Plan

My affirmation

I am…Whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, happy, peace…a “bad” man


Every year I try to come up with a theme to structure my year and a skill or thing to improve upon or develop. Just as I read the great pro athletes take the summer to develop a new skill to add to their game. I look at each year not for resolutions but as a way to build, develop, grow and evolve. 2018 will be no different. Often these themes come from impactful books I somehow find (or find me) 🔭📚. A few years ago, it was The One Thing (@the1thingbook) that I found from YouTube from a @tailopez summary, which gave me a different perspective on focusing (“the one thing that by doing it everything else is easier or unnecessary”) and that has had a tremendous influence on me and my business. This year my Bible app (@youversion) led me to Chasing the Lion by @markbatterson and how I should be ferociously attacking my goals and setting a goal that can only be achieved through sweat equity + divine intervention 👉🏾 ✔ Honorable mention goes to @calledtocreate (future podcast 🤞🏾🎙 cc: @ceochatpodcast) in helping me understand part of smashing those goals is to “unleash my creativity”🔥 as HE has called me to do. 💪🏾 I didn’t wait for the clock to strike. I’ve already been making changes and hustling and working to finish out a very productive December. Watch out for 👉🏾 @blue16media @ceoblognation in 2018 and beyond. #alwayshungry #neversatisfied #hustlingformylastname #theonething #chasethelion #readersareleaders #calledtocreate #2018 #futureblogpost

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