Finding Your Gift – The Umbrella Academy

There might be a spoiler alert if you haven’t watched The Umbrella Academy on Netflix.  
I started bingeing this show called The Umbrella Academy (I saw it was trending on Netflix).  I usually watch TV or Netflix as I work on projects. When I was working on updates to CBNation, I started to watch the show. It’s a pretty cool show about kids who were born on the same day with superpowers. Many who were born even though their mother weren’t even pregnant the day before. After they were born, a billionaire purchased 7 of the children and raised them.

One of the children is played by Ellen Page, and she is a cast member that plays Vanya Hargreeves (Number 7). Unlike her siblings, she doesn’t appear to have superpowers. This is until a moment where she starts to see that she does in fact have super powers–maybe even more powerful than her siblings. When she starts to really put her gifts on display while she’s playing the violin for a part, her superpower comes out and it eventually unleashes her.

I haven’t finished the first season but when she was younger Vanya was ostracized for being normal and it was tough to see a young child that was told “you’re not special” or “there’s nothing great about you.” It was tough to see because it happens all the time. She felt out of place. It was an interesting twist because most of the time people are ostracized for being different instead of normal. This is usually addressed in movies and shows like this.

What really struck me as interesting was when she started to find her calling or her gift. It’s when she truly started to shine (I think). As I continue to watch (I have a feeling it might not end well), I’m reminded that sometimes we are just not in the “right place.” It’s not that someone isn’t gifted or “less talented” sometimes it’s just having that power unleashed and making sure it’s unleashed in the right environment and in the right ways.

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