Stepping Out of Comfort Zone

“We all had dreams as children, but very few of us are living them. Limitless isn’t about turning everyone into a rock star or a professional football player. It’s meant to demonstrate that by escaping your comfort zone and reprogramming – if not shattering – your beliefs you can push the limits of what you thought was possible in your life and multiply your daily contentment and satisfaction.” -Patrick King, Limitless

Every so often (usually every 3-6 months) I try to hack myself. It’s very difficult because you have habits and rituals that you naturally have. There are things that you naturally do on a day to day basis.

One of the common practices that I’ve heard coaches say is taking your hands and fold them. Look at the finger that is on top. It might be your left thumb or right thumb. Now intertwine your hands together again with the opposite thumb at the top. “How does that feel?”

It’s weird. It’s different. It’s uncomfortable.

That’s the point. What got you to where you are will not get you to where you’re going.

You have to hack. You have to pivot. You have to change. You have to step out of your comfort zone.

Earlier this year, stepping out my comfort zone was all about focusing. Something I hadn’t done. I set out to restructure.

5 Ways I’m Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

  • Delegating–Being a better leader. That doesn’t mean being a boss. It means being a leader and empowering your team to be successful. Encouraging everyone around you to be their best self.
  • Working Smart. Not Necessarily Hard–My default comfort zone was to put my head down and charge ahead. I think that had a lot to do with the above where I would do things myself. I would just will things.
  • Trust—Part of being a better leader is to trust more. Trust the process. Trust my team and not try to take on everything.
  • Being more visible–Now it’s time to build and grow the blogs and even my personal brand. It means working on new projects and expanding and growing.
  • Challenging myself– Every time you step out of your comfort zone. You are challenging yourself to be something you’re not. I’ve been able to do it at the beginning of this year and looking forward to the next challenge.

NOTE: I think often when you think about leveling, it’s about destroying everything and building new. That’s not always the case. Often, we are closer to where we are supposed to be and rather than starting new. We just have to make mini-hacks and that’ll be all the difference.

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