You Are a Media Company – LEAD Talk

I’d been working on this concept for the entire year and this was my opportunity speak about the idea in front of a larger audience.

You Are a Media Company (YAMC) – Check out this LEAD Talk at Leadership Center for Excellence‘s Homecoming. I gave a talk on how you should strategically build your marketing strategy as if you are making your favorite dish (e.g. sweet potato pie). It’s this media company mindset that helps you be strategically focused and not chasing after every “shiny” object and at the same time understand, respect and “Trust the Process.”


  1. REcipe / Your Marketing Plan
  2. Crust / Your Foundation (e.g. website/blog)
  3. Ingredients / Your marketing tools (e.g. SEO, social media, networking groups, flyers, etc.)
  4. Pick & Prepare / Select the 1 or 2 ingredients that are central to your strategy (e.g. podcast, LinkedIn)
  5. Put it in the oven (but check it) / Execute
  6. Enjoy the final product / Keep working to perfect it but enjoy the process

Thanks Paul King of King Edits for capturing.

Check out the course at


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