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In this episode of “More 2 Media” Show Gresh is featured talking about anticipated marketing changes, digital marketing tips and challenges that advertisers face today.


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Christina Daves 0:07
Hey there and welcome to Daily Ad brief. I’m Christina Daves your host of more two media, where we dive in on all things media, marketing and digital. Today we are headed to Alexandria, Virginia, where we are going to chat with Gresham Harkless of Blue16 Media. Welcome Gresham!

Gresham Harkless 0:28
Christina, super excited to be here. Thanks for having me.

Christina Daves 0:31
Yeah. So, you know, in today’s day and age, everyone is a media company. Tell me why we have to be careful with that. What do you recommend?

Gresham Harkless 0:41
Yeah, absolutely. I’m really big on, you know, mentioning to people that you are a media company. And just that just basically means it’s a way to approach your digital marketing, I think there’s so many tools at our fingertips, and that can sometimes be overwhelming. So I’m really big into figuring out first and foremost, who you’re trying to target what your goals are. And a lot of times what your resources are, and then working backwards. From there. I often say like, it’s kind of like going to the grocery store, you never want to go to the grocery store hungry. And then that same way, when you’re trying to figure out what ingredients to put into your media company recipe, you want to make sure that you’re strategically going to basically reach the goals and connect with the people you ultimately hope to do that with.

Christina Daves 1:21
Is there one specific thing that every single company needs to have? What say, is it SEO or keywords or blogs? Or is there one thing that if if you had to give people advice, you would say do this?

Gresham Harkless 1:38
Yeah, I really think it depends. Honestly, I think we kind of focus on web design, support and SEO. And what I will say is that SEO is definitely more of a long term type of approach that people should take. So if your goal is to maybe do something that a little bit more, faster and quicker pace, maybe, you know, advertising might be a way. But I will say this, when you’re really thinking about the core of SEO is really thinking about the psychology around the clients that you’re trying to target. So you really think of things that they search for things that they’re interested in, how can you create content, or like I like to call this sticky paper that can track them and keep them there. So even if you don’t really fully invest in SEO, I think it’s a good kind of exercise to go through because it really gets you into the whole psychology, the thoughts of what people are searching for what they could be searching for. And once you kind of do that exercise, I really think even if you decide to do other ingredients or other types of media marketing is still puts you at a strong advantage.

Christina Daves 2:37
So one of the things I personally struggle with, and I’d love to hear your opinion, because I have someone that I’ve worked with on SEO. And I joke when I say this, but I’m only sort of joking, because you know, my industry is PR marketing. But I feel like the keywords they give me are like purple m&ms. And they’re like, just write about it, and the people will come. And I’m like, But wait a minute, I don’t talk about you know, I don’t sell purple m&ms. So how do you get around that, you know, when like public relations? I’ll never rank for that. So how do you get into the nuances of niching? Down?

Gresham Harkless 3:15
Yeah, it’s so important. Like I mentioned, those are the three core questions that I really tried to touch on. And one of them being is Who are you trying to target? So you could definitely, of course, you know, show up for purple m&ms is as if that’s your jam. And that’s your thing. But the question after that is does it really help you get to where you want to be. And when you’re niching down? That’s really the Holy Grail, that really big opportunity for SEO, not just saying, I want to show up for purple m&ms. For example, if you did really want to try to rank for purple m&ms, it might be like why do people select purple m&ms versus red m&ms? And that’s kind of a niche blog posts that you can kind of create to help you target your ideal clients. So whether you’re a local business, or you’re trying to rank because you just created the the newest wave and the newest technology, you really want to figure out what are those niche searches, the longtail really searches that people are kind of trying to find out information about get value for and how can you create that content, that information so that you are ranking for that. So I think it really makes sense with all ingredients, all platforms, all ways that you’re trying to market to be very strategic. And you don’t just do it for the sake of doing it. You do it because it helps you to get to where your goals ultimately are.

Christina Daves 4:30
I love how you use the analogy of the recipe and don’t go to the grocery store hungry. So it was great information. Five minutes goes by super quick. So thank you for joining us today and to learn more about Blue 16 media. Please go to daily add brief. I’m Christina Dave’s your host have more to media and I’ll see you next time.

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