Clearing the Decks

I’m still in the process of clearing the decks to make room for 2019 and projects that I’m looking forward to working on. As I’ve learned the more and more active that I’m becoming the more asks and requests that I have.

It’s a tough transition because at my core I do truly want to help but I sometimes know that people know that too and there’s a fine line between helping and being taken advantage of. it comes with the territory of activity and having a service or skill set that people look for.

I decided to take a step towards doing that and I’ll probably be coming out with a Membership site and maybe a monthly call, Facebook Live or something that I can use to answer some questions and help people out. I think the consistent thing that I’ve noticed and seen is that a lot of it has to do building this “media company” that I’ve been preaching so whether it be SEO, blogging, e-commerce store, creating a podcast, YouTube channel. I’ve gotten all those questions recently so maybe I can create a time or platform to do that via conference call or something like that.

Maybe something like Ask Gresh.

But in the meantime. I’m clearing out the decks to make room for ideas and things like this.

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