From the Perspective of Focus

This episode of the Potter’s Touch Podcast with TD Jakes resonated because I typically always talk about focus and the importance of focusing and how I’ve been working hard at being a more focused as I’ve gotten clarity about myself and the business.

Here’s some of the gems:

  • You have to find your own measure.
  • I’m setting myself up to fail because I’m operating beyond my measure.
  • Don’t forsake your lane/calling/gift for mine
  • We got people who want promotion without process
  • You’re asking for more when you haven’t mastered less
  • You master where you are and get promoted to where you’re going
  • The reason you’re not getting the promotion is because you’re not getting the practice.
  • You didn’t give the attention to it that it takes to win it. 
  • You are starving your destiny of the attention it needs to progress. 
  • Your future is in some way kin to your past.
  • Destiny will bring the tree out of you. Destiny will bring the tree out of your nut.
  • Take your eye off the tree and water what you’ve got now.
  • We’re attracted to people who are masterful at what they do.
  • Look at how many things you’ve started and started underestimating the work.
  • Whether you are at the rehearsal stage, the recital stage or the orchestra stage…you will only finish when you focus on what God has given you.
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