Loyalty & Mediocrity

I’ve been talking a lot about the Dallas Cowboys, Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones. Loyalty is extremely important because you want to create an environment where you can be successful and don’t have everyone walking on pins in needles. When someone isn’t performing, you hope and strive to have the person “level up” and improve. You’ve seen it happen before but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen in this situation.

It’s hard to know when is the right time to make a change.

It’s hard to know when being too loyal is hurting you and possibly the team.

It’s hard to know if the person can level up, get out of their comfort zone and perform better.

The reality is that it’s not an exact science to know when to invest more or when to stop and just start over. There’s potential there but sometimes you have to realize that by holding on you might be hurting more than you are helping.

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