The Concept of Space

“You could just leave the space, when you have space unconsciously you are allowing something else to enter.”

It’s a bad habit of mine. I’m notorious for seeing a gap and filling it. This could be in a living room or dining room or even on my calendar. If I see space, I have to fill it.

168. That’s the number of hours in a week. The reason that I know that is because I took every single hour of a week and allocated time towards something.

I found out how I could spend ever single hour (waking or not) on something.

The problem is—I forgot what it meant to have space. I forgot what it was to allow things–relationships, opportunities, rest–to just enter. So, when I spoke recently with a coach who was getting rid of furniture, we were figuring out what would go where. When I thought about moving my dining room table, my natural reaction was to figure out what would replace it. It was almost immediate–to which she responded “maybe leave it as space.”

Over the past year, I heard a lot of about this concept of space which is in direct contrast to everything I thought. I honestly know I wasn’t aware to let things be.

In basketball, I know that every time you create space, it allows you to do number of things–shoot, dribble, or pass. If there is no space, you have no options to do any of the above. You are stuck and limited. You must jab step, fake a pass, come off a screen, dribble, something to create space and to operate and take action.

This quote I heard from a video “You are the universe; therefore, as you create spaceĀ inside yourself, you are creating space in the universe in order to manifest whatever is the center of your highest destiny.”

At certain times in our life come the time that space needs to be created. Now is that time.


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