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My name is Gresh and this is my site. I’m a hope dealer delivering peace & promoting self-reliance. Want to work with me? Drop me a message!

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Marathon Runners Don't Win Sprints

Marathon runners don't win sprints = #patience #focus #dedication…

Patience - Overnight Success

This is a word that I haven't looked at a lot. I haven't addressed…


Thinking versus action. There's a fine line between the two.…

Off Kilter

It happens but the key is to recognize and get back on kilter…

The Real Deal About Being An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a sexy word and that's about the only thing…


"People think focus means saying yes to the thing you've…

Set Backs is the Key to a Comeback

Set backs come and set backs go but the fight always remains.…

Wisdom: Knowing When to Go & When to Stop

People. It's hard not to be a people person in today's age. Even…

Game ON

It never fails in life that things happen that sometimes catch…