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Umi/Abi Says Shine Your Light on the World

This is how I kick off my "Crushing it" Playlist and kick off the day after meditating: I don't wanna write this down I wanna tell you how I feel right now I don't wanna

Stepping Out of Comfort Zone

"We all had dreams as children, but very few of us are living them. Limitless isn't about turning everyone into

From the Perspective of Focus

This episode of the Potter's Touch Podcast with TD Jakes resonated because I typically always talk about focus and the

The Importance of a Business Model

There’s a recent story that emerged about an influencer that has over 2M followers and started a clothing line but couldn’t meet

32 I See You

Tomorrow marks 32 years on this earth and for that, I’m extremely blessed for a lot of reasons. I also have known and grown tremendously over the years. Some people go through experiences and never learn but I think I’ve learned a tremendous amount and it has made me stronger


It's now the second quarter. Just like that. One quarter is in the books. Over the last year or 2 I have looked quarter by quarter and made adjustments. The focus of Quarter 1 was to focus and rebuild the foundation and play to our strengths (aka Triple Threat Position).

Startup U – Lessons

One of the awesome things that we have at this time is to literally find the answer to anything that you're looking for. If you want to learn how to play basketball like Steph Curry, you can research and find videos and even courses that make it possible. If you

Not Now List

I'm keeping a running "Not now" list of things/opportunities (good and bad) I'm saying "no or not now" list too. Even though I got better at saying "not yet" I have had more and more asks it seems. #Growth #FOCUS — Gresh (@Progreshion) March 7, 2019 One of the things

New Quarter. New Goals.

We are 6 months from 2020 but presently in Q3 or 2019. It's still hard to believe but I've done a ton of restructuring over the last 6 months and it's great to see that many of the things I envisioned at the start of the year are starting to

Stepping Out of Comfort Zone

"We all had dreams as children, but very few of us are living them. Limitless isn't about turning everyone into a rock star or a professional football player. It's meant to demonstrate that by escaping your comfort zone and reprogramming - if not shattering - your beliefs you can push

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