Giving Away The Playbook

A few years ago, the Atlanta Falcons coach, Kyle Shanahan lost his backpack before the SuperBowl with the gameplan. Even with that, the Atlanta Falcons were beating up on the New England Patriots early in the game. We all know remember how that ended and it in my eyes made Tom Brady the GOAT.

I even asked “Who was the team that lost their game plan?” early in the game because it seemed like the New England Patriots were the ones that lost their playbook. One of my friends even joked that the coach left a “dummy” backpack with fake plays.

The reason that I mention that is because often the plays are there, the strategy is there and we are always looking for that next thing or the “secret sauce” to what will help us reach our goals outside of just executing our strategy. The 2nd thing I believe that we often don’t want to accept is that its hard work and patience. Granted, there are lots of other factors but sometimes the 2 things that are most integral to our “secret sauce” are the things that we don’t want to face or success. We have to work hard and great things take time.

There is rarely overnight success and often those overnight successes (the people), have put in over 10k hours.

It’s easy to forget that. Especially in this day in age with likes and followers and vanity metrics. You can easily purchase 10k followers tomorrow and not provide any value.

But the playbook is there and we have it and the “backpack” is open. It’s not a secret but we often feel as if we need something else. Something different. The reality is that we need to just continue to “chop at the tree” in the same way and in the same spot with consistency, hard work and patience and it will fall.

There’s no need to pivot or do anything different (certainly it helps to tweak here and there). Ultimately we need to stay the course.

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