I make a ton of mistakes.

A lot of them.

Most of it is because I’m moving really fast. Even when I didn’t move fast and I took painstaking time to make sure everything was perfect…I still made mistakes.

I started to read about the most “successful” people in the world and especially in business and as I read these biographies and stories. I understood that it wasn’t about being perfect. It was about being human.

Don’t get me wrong, mistakes shouldn’t be made just for the sake of being mistakes. We should strive to be as close to perfection and as excellent as possible.

But I’m reminded of the idea of 2.0. The entire idea of progreshion. Which is to constantly improve and to evolve.

Action is royalty because if you are always getting better and the product is always improving, it’s hard to compete with that.

So yes, I make mistakes. Yes, I am human (we all are). I’ve learned to not be so obsessed with mistakes that I’m not taking action, improving and getting better.

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