Cowboys Win

Big win for the Cowboys. I’ll be the first to say that I was calling for Jason Garrett to get fired. I didn’t think that he had what it takes to lead the team.

It was the Houston lost that was the biggest reason that I thought his reign might be coming to a close.

Jerry Jones mentioned that you have to take risks.

A lot of that was because of how Jerry became successful and how he was able to own the Cowboys.

Not only did he say that but it was him also taking a risk himself. He didn’t just say it. He did it. He traded a first-round pick for Amari Cooper. This was somewhat of a lower risk because they would have picked a WR next year in the first round and Cooper is in his 20s with a ton of NFL experience.

It’s possible that they understood that they had an opportunity to make it to the playoffs so rather than wait for another team (especially in the division Redskins or Eagles) to make a move. They “overpaid” for Cooper.

Here’s the thing Cooper wasn’t the reason that the Cowboys won last night BUT I think similar to how the Indianapolis Colts rallied earlier this year behind their coach making a bold decision (that didn’t work out). This team might have been galvanized by the bold move and the desire to win now.

In life and in business sometimes you have to make a bold decision. They don’t always work out but sometimes there’s energy that you get that’s infectious by just going for it.

Now can they sustain it and be consistent.

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