Putting Your Oxygen Mask on First

I’ve been putting on my oxygen mask slowly but surely over the last month. It’s not all the way on but it’s on a lot more than it ever has been over the last few years.

Especially as entrepreneurs and business owners, we tend to forget before serving everyone else that we need to serve ourselves.

Entrepreneurs and business owners are givers. We give of our expertise. We give of our time. We give of our energy and so much more.

At what point to we give to ourselves. It is only by giving to ourselves does that put us in a place where we can give tremendously.

Consistently at the end of the year I reflect on the year and slow down and catch my “second” or “third” breath.

It’s not just been when I was in business but in my life. It’s a time or reflection and preparing for next year.

I tentatively have my theme for next year as—Put your oxygen mask on first.

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