Going Back to “School” AKA Refining My Craft

One of the things that I’ve been looking forward to going into this new year is going back to “school.” With the hustle and bustle or running a business, managing a team, getting more business, I haven’t had the opportunity to be a student nearly as much as I would have hoped.

That’s changing. I picked up a few courses to go through with Udemy, some that I need to finish and bought This is Marketing by Seth Godin as well.

I’m working through this audiobook now and thought that this was right in line with a lot of the things that I speak about in relation to marketing.

It’s good to hear that some of my beliefs are in alignment with what Seth says especially related to some of the future trends in marketing that I just posted yesterday before I picked up the book.

Some early takeaways

  • There’s no shortcuts
  • What promise are you making?
  • Who’s it for?
  • Customer-centric is the best marketing philosophy
  • Empathy is at the heart of marketing / Connection and change are critical
  • Find people with a lock and create a key
  • Focus on the hard work of making change happen
  • When you know what you stand for, you don’t have to compete
  • Everyone is right
  • Find the smallest viable market
  • Marketing that causes change, causes tension

I’m listening to the book like I listen to new albums. I’m just listening to it one time through and will go back and dissect each track aka chapter.

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