30 Days

Today I hit 30 days of at least part of my morning routine.

Oddly enough, yesterday was not a great day. Why?

I only did 1 part of my routine. Over the last 30 days I have

  • Meditated 30 days – (1) Gratitude / (2) Visualization (3) Actions
  • Ran around 1 mile 28 mornings / 1 day of 32 burpees for the days I didn’t run
  • Written 24 number of days blog posts

My take-away-this morning routine thing is something that has become a habit. So much so, I know when I don’t do it completely. I’m committed to taking the 30 minutes to an hour to win the morning so I can win the day.

By in large to walk away in 30 days with a great hack like that is something to be happy about.

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