I’m Afraid to Focus

It might be hard to admit but fear is real and it can be debilitating.

However, people deal with fear in different ways. Most people by doing nothing.

I’m a little different.

I do everything.

Fear causes me to focus on doing more rather than laser focusing. It’s easier to do everything so you never truly fail but then you never truly succeed.

I saw a visual for a quote that was a great reminder about how powerful the sun is and how it can beam down on a boat for years and never be able to burn a hole through a wooden boat.

However, when you take a magnifying glass and you focus the power of the sun on one place, it begins to burn that hole through that precise spot.

In other words, laser-focus is everything. In order for me to fully take the next step and level up. It doesn’t just ask for focus it requires focus.

That’s what I intend to do is take that magnifying glass and remove everything else.

For me that maginfiying glass is CBNation (primarily the podcast) and LinkedIn. Using the 1 or 2 “ingredients” to reach my goals.

I went skydiving to face my fear of heights. I left a few positions to go skydiving. Now, I’m skydiving in a different way.

Feel the fear and do it anyways. 


Tags: Business, Life

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