Keep Going Even When It’s Not Perfect

Yesterday I gave a talk in front of about 80 people from a leadership program called the Leadership Center for Excellence Young Professionals Program that I completed about 2 years ago. It was kind of a Ted Talk but shorter and laser focused. It was a great opportunity and truly grateful for it.

During the talk, my audio/microphone sounded really bad on my side while I was speaking but I kept presenting. In my mind while I was presenting my thought was I should maybe stop but while I was speaking I decided to just keep working through it and hopefully the audio would work it’s way out.

It was a reminder of what I constantly say…

Something always goes wrong. I’m not saying it as a victim but as someone who plans for the worst and expects the best. Things will go wrong in business and in life and sometimes it’s not that the outside things happened that you should focus on, it’s how you react or how you compose yourself when “po-po” happens.

To my benefit, I feel like I’ve been able to plan for bad situations to happen so if the “bad” or unexpected happens I’m somewhat prepared.

Luckily, it wasn’t me fumbling over my words 🙂

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