Vibrating So High You Can’t Be Seen

Today, I had a realization. I limit my vibrations. It’s crazy to think but I was thinking about how to hack my daily life. I’m always looking at different hacks and hands down my best reminder is to win the morning. In order to win the day, I need to win the morning.

It is a great reminder.

I have said that there are a few things that are go-to’s that I can control to do that:

  • Writing
  • Working out
  • Meditating

These are my go-to’s. So within my daily activities, I would do 1 of the 3. Then I started to think today…why? Why only do one when I know 3 things that will help me to not just win the day but to dominate the day.

What if I knew how I could “vibrate so high that I couldn’t be seen?” That’s the tweak I made. Why limit my happiness? Why limit my vibrations? As Gay Hendricks asked in the beginning of the Big Leap, What if you could be happy all the time?

I almost had a perspective that I had to save my high vibrations so that they don’t run out.

Not the case. On a weekend when I had friends and family get some really bad news, I came to a realization—do everything to vibrate as high as I can.

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