Playing to WIN

Sunday the Cowboys lost (again) and the talk of the day was the decision to not go for it on 4th down in overtime…in the opponent’s territory. On a day when Sean McVay was bold enough to go for it on 4th down, Jason Garrett played it safe.

Even though the head coach of the Colts was destroyed by some for going for it the previous week and losing, his team loved the decision. He probably won (or at least temporarily bought) his team’s trust by doing that. Jason didn’t go for it though. Jerry Jones even said that it was a time to go for it. “We were being outplayed. It’s time for risks at that particular time,” he said.

It’s a good lesson. Jerry Jones is a billionaire. He has made himself on taking risks. On a day when you have an opportunity to take a risk, take it. Just like in business, when you have a team that isn’t as talented or short on resources, you have to think boldly and adjust.

I’m guessing that’s how Jerry made his billions.

“Winners win, losers try to avoid losing.” / “Fortune favors the bold.”

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