Bad News or Good News?

Bad Good news is inevitable in business. I sometimes joke (it’s not even a joke) that there’s something “bad” “good” that happens every day.

I wish I could remember who I was speaking with but I was having a conversation a while ago with someone and they said, “have you ever met those people that everything always happened to. Everything was the end of the world.”

He mentioned that instead of instead of everything happened to “me,” it instead of happened for me?

It was a great reminder today. I received some bad good news from a client that cut their marketing budget but I have to remember that this happened FOR me.

It’s all about reframing your perspective. Also, in remembering to practice gratitude. I’m reminded of the fact that I’m also closing out on project and starting a new client which is always an exciting thing. It’s important to remember perspective. We always seem to lose perspective on that.

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