Reapplying My Oxygen Mask

I mentioned that I think I lost my oxygen mask. I’m not sure exactly when but I noticed that I started to get overextended which is a common theme in my life it seems. Here’s a little of what I was involved in and I wrote it down on my mirror.

  1. Condo Board Member
  2. West End Business Association Board Member
  3. Dream Queen Board Member
  4. Path for Her Board Member
  5. Arlington Chamber Member
  6. Young Entrepreneurs Academy Committee Member
  7. YPP Circles Leader
  8. Charles Houston Recreation Center Committee Member
  9. Blue 16 Media
  10. Podcast Host
  12. Dog dad 🙂
  13. Other smaller projects I’m working on

This was in addition to having 7 team members and of course working with clients. In other words, just a tad bit overextended. The one thing that I never assumed was that as I became more and more active, I would have to say “no” even more.

I’m in the process of scaling back many of these responsibilities or in other words reapplying my oxygen mask. First I had to look for it an now I’m putting it back on.

Tags: Business, Life

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