Doing More = Being a Better Leader

As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realize that there are personal limits that I have. I don’t mean the ability to achieve because I wholeheartedly believe that whatever you can think of, you can achieve. This is a reminder that I received during my weekly BNI meeting when our keynote speaker, Jay Davies, the owner of Orion Home Improvements mentioned the Napoleon Hill quote, and it’s something that resonated more with me during the week. There are limits to time and energy. That’s a reality that we all must understand. This was an exhausting week and while I have improved my endurance and stamina through working out and running, there’s still limits to how much you’re able to work every day. As I try to stretch and push myself to reach my goals, I often still must fight the urge to try to be Superman.

Especially when you are trying to achieve great things, the key is to build a great team. Anyone that is an entrepreneur or business owner struggles with this. However, I truly believe that when you get crystal clear about your strengths and weaknesses and what you can do better than anyone else, than you can truly be effective and achieve more. I have taken it upon myself to study leadership more and more to understand how the greats do it especially in sports and in business become better. I believe it’s a never ending discipline and I will continue to study it and strive to be great at it.

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