I’m Coming = Q3

The start of July means the conclusion of the quarter. I spend a lot of time calculating my overall numbers to find out that I just completed my strongest quarter entering 4 years of business. Personally, I’m probably “healthier” than any other time of my life through consistent running and working out. July 2017 marks 4 years and my way way of celebrating is to approach Q3 like my favorite player and NBA MVP–Russell Westbrook. Russ is the closets thing to my most recent favorite player–Kobe Bryant. It’s easy to rest on my laurels but I wanted to take the chip I have on my shoulder (like Russ) and make sure that I charge to have a even stronger Q3. It’s not an easy task but who like anything that is easy.

Russ played with a chip on his shoulder the entire season and what followed was an epic and record setting year where he was the first to average a triple double since Oscar Robinson.

This is exactly how I’m planning to approach Q3 with a focused chip, “rage,” or passion to “win” and ultimately to be great. This means ramping back up CEO Blog Nation (cbnation.co) and tremendous growth with Blue 16 Media.


Records on records on records. #MVP

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The People’s Champ. #MVP

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