Transformation Not A Streak

I was going to title this blog “hot streak.” I reflected a little on that and what it meant. Last week I mentioned to one of my friends that I was in a hot streak because I had brought on some new clients in a short period of time and that I was trying to just enjoy the moment because I knew that it would come to an end.

However, while I was thinking about what to write for this post, I realized that I would be in a state of denial if I said the hot streak won’t ever end. Even the hottest shooters have a bad game or a bad stretch in a game. To think anything less, to me is not living in a state of reality.

I decided to reframe the current state that I’m in. I no longer look at it as a streak of any kind. I look at it as a transformation. The reason is that I approached this entire year differently. Rather than try to make wholesale changes. I’ve made mini hacks or small changes. Keeping track of what has worked or hasn’t worked has been huge. I even ran the longest distance that I’ve ever ran in my life running 11 miles. I gradually built up to that distance and stated running 5 minutes and then walking 1 minute. Gradually, I’ve been able to jog nonstop once I got over the mental hurdle.

This past weekend, I took some time to refresh and time away to regain my focus. It wasn’t anything major as far as time but it was good to spend a day where I ran, played basketball for the first time in forever and went to the gym.

After the first quarter, I made a shift in how I was allocating my time and just from that mental shift I’ve already entered into this transformation. I don’t feel obligated to continue doing what hasn’t worked. I look at the numbers and just make adjustments from there. One of those big things was while I adjusted my time to increase my activity. I also increased the activity to get myself on a higher vibration just about every day. That means running with my dog (Star) 3-5 times per week and trying new forms of activity.

This is why this is more of a hot streak. We are talking about real change or transformation that’s happening. I’m making calculated bets but minimizing my risk. I’m being more selective of my time and energy. In short, I’m transforming and growing. So this isn’t something that will come and go. This change is here to stay.

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