Unsuccessful Season Continues…

Struggling Cavs

When will it end for the Cavaliers?  They lose a close game to the Dallas Mavericks and they fall to 8-44.  They’ve lost 35 of their last 36.  It’s hard once you get behind the eight ball to continue to push night in and night out and don’t win.  Sure, hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard, but the Cavs seem to be proof that you need at least some talent to work with.

LeBron ripped more than his Jersey off when he left Cleveland.  It is obvious this team (which still has a great coach in Byron Scott and some good veteran players including Antwon Jamison) is feeling the aftermath of the LeBron “Decision”.

Dan Gilbert can still be right, but doesn’t look like it will be this year.  I wonder how he feels?  It’s obvious he and the Cavs front office didn’t prepare for the possibility of LeBron leaving.

Life Lesson:  Have a backup plan!


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